How does online tutoring work?

Is the tutoring just via Skype?

I use WyzAnt for my online tutoring. In order for me to tutor you via WyzAnt, you simply need to create a free profile at the link I provide you. Bringing my own students to the platform allows me to offer lower rates, since WyzAnt does not take a commission in that case.

However, if a student prefers to use Skype, I am certainly willing to accommodate this, and payment can be handled via PayPal or Venmo. I often use Google Docs with my Skype students so we can still have an interactive typing environment.

How does it work?

Once you are on the WyzAnt platform, I can schedule lessons with you. You will get an email when this happens, with some information about joining the online classroom. The online classroom has an interactive whiteboard that we can work on simultaneously, audio/video chat, and document-sharing so we can trade homework assignments and worksheets. Payments are all done by credit card through the website, and you can request lesson summaries if you want to have a written record of what we went over and my assessment of the student’s progress.

Can I schedule online lessons last-minute?

If you want an online lesson very soon, please send me a message! I’ll accommodate you if at all possible. The scheduling through WyzAnt (or Skype) takes no time at all, so as long as I am available, we can schedule on very short notice.

Any other questions about online tutoring?

Please ask me! I really want to help you.