Tutoring Philosophy

I believe that a love of learning and a love of teaching go hand in hand. Teaching and tutoring allow me to help others develop that same love of learning that drives me in my studies. I find joy in showing students that intelligence is not fixed, helping them prove to themselves that they can improve their performance in any class with hard work.

The best tutors are people who love both the subjects they tutor and the feeling of helping someone succeed. I have always loved math and science, and part of my tutoring process is helping others to appreciate these topics as well. With words of encouragement and a non-judgmental attitude, I guide students toward a deeper understanding and better problem-solving strategies.

I prepare in advance for every lesson, regardless of the topic, to ensure that I am refreshed on the subject and to develop any materials I might use during the session (equation sheets, worksheets, etc.). I develop practice problems during math and science sessions to directly address to areas of weakness, creating a flexible, personalized lesson plan. When starting any problem, I ask a student what he or she already knows about the topic. With a little prodding, the student is usually surprised at how much knowledge he or she already has, and can at least start the problem. In this way, the student becomes more confident and is better able to tackle tough assignments in the classroom when they don’t have a tutor by their side.