Tutoring Policies

As a tutor, I try to be as flexible as possible with my policies. Everyone has busy schedules, and I’m happy to accommodate these whenever I can (on the flip side, it means a lot when students and their parents are understanding of my schedule changes/issues). I do have a few rules, however, and it always helps to have these in writing.

  1. If an in-person student cancels when I am already traveling to meet them, a cancellation fee of half the price of the lesson will be assessed. I waive this the first time such an event happens. (If there is a true emergency, I will of course also waive this).
  2. If an online student does not show up for a lesson, I will wait 15 minutes. If this happens more than two times, I will assess a cancellation fee.
  3. If a student frequently cancels lessons (in advance or last minute), I will at my discretion terminate tutoring with that student or require them to schedule with me on a week-to-week basis (time slot not guaranteed).
  4. If payments are consistently delayed, I will cease tutoring until all delayed payments have been met, and may require the student/parent to pay in advance.
  5. An in-person student or their parent must notify me if the student is contagiously ill, in which case the session will be cancelled or rescheduled.